Corporate Secretary

From setting up an entity to having a qualified professional to be your corporate secretary to handle the regulations and records, we’re happy to be part of your journey.

Importance of a Corporate Secretary:


Mandatory by Law. In Singapore, it is obligatory that every company appoints a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation. Your corporate secretary will take on the role of ensuring that your company is acting in compliance with ACRA’s rules and regulations stipulated in the Singapore Companies Act and to play the advisory role in your firm.


Business Compliance and Operational Duties. Our chartered accountants will fill the various roles required, with our thorough understanding and years of expertise in this field. We will provide advice to your company on all matters pertaining to it and ensure smooth compliance for your business functions alongside Singapore’s financial and statutory requirements. The company secretary is the go-to person for advice at the company thus you entrust Smooth is competent, reliable and has the necessary skills with knowledge to assist with the following tasks efficiently:

  • Filing annual return with ACRA and statutory requirements
  • Preparation of AGMs and board meetings
  • Maintenance of meeting minutes (AGMs), registers & board resolutions
  • Advising on legal and compliance framework
  • Tracking & notifying of compliance deadlines

Provide you with Greater Security, Efficiency and Growth. Our chartered accountants have numerous years of experience in corporate advisory and related services, ensuring that requirements set by regulatory authorities in Singapore are observed at all times and relevant documents are completed on time, so that you can focus on other crucial business processes in your company.

Smooth aims to not only provide you with corporate secretarial services which focuses solely on complying with government red tape but to also provide our clients with advice that will assist you at stage of your company’s growth thus, safeguarding you from any fines, penalties and additional expenses.

As your appointed Corporate Secretary, Smooth will take care of the compliance requirements of your businesses and let you focus on strengthening business core to achieve superior performance.