Nominee Director

One of the statutory requirements for setting up your own company in Singapore is having at least one Resident Director, who must either be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. Using our Nominated Director allows you to set up your business if you cannot nominate a Resident Director of your own.

Our role as a Nominee Director is strictly in a non-executive capacity. The nominee director will not be involved in any day-to-day management, financial or operational matters of the company.Singapore Law does not differentiate between nominee / executive director. A Person who is listed as a director carries certain responsibilities to ensure the company in compliance. Click here to learn more.

Reasons to Engage Smooth for a Singapore Nominee Director


Compliance with Singapore statutory requirements. A local Director is required by Law under the Companies Act for all companies looking to incorporate in Singapore. Foreigners looking to incorporate will need to find a local Resident Director. Smooth can provide you a Nominee Director who will be responsible for the overall compliance of the company.


Considerable Time Savings. Opening a company in a foreign land is challenging enough – allow us to take some of that burden off your hands. We will handle the entire process for acting as nominee director so you can focus on starting your business and leave the administration to us.


Hassle Free Transition. With all our services, there is no hidden fine print or gotcha clauses. Most foreigners who start companies in Singapore eventually find someone they can trust locally, and transition the local directorship. When that happens, we will assist in a hassle free and smooth transition for your business.